Prairie State Legal Services (PSLS) is pleased to be the recipient of a “turnout” grant from the Galesburg Community Foundation. Through its annual grant cycle, The Turnout, the Galesburg Community Foundation awarded grants to 37 local nonprofits in 2022 to assist them in providing quality programming that benefits the people who call our region home.

To be considered for funding, PSLS submitted an application that was reviewed by a committee of local volunteers. Decisions were made based on community needs in the priority areas of education and workforce development; health and human services; community enhancement, art and culture; and nonprofit capacity, mission sustainability, and reinvention.

Funds for the grant come from the Community Foundation’s Impact Fund and Donor Advised Funds. “The important work of our nonprofits spans from youth to senior services, access to the arts, education, healthcare, food, and so much more—services that enable and enrich our daily lives,” said Joshua Gibb, Foundation President and CEO. “We are grateful to the many people who give to our Community Impact Fund to ensure that we can grant these dollars.”