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Equal Access Newsletter

News and stories about our organization. 

The Prairie Fire is an annual docket of noteworthy cases and accomplishments by our attorneys at Prairie State Legal Services, Inc.

Meet Our Team: Britta Johnson, Staff Attorney

We are pleased to introduce Britta Johnson, who is a staff attorney assisting with our Justice, Equity, and Opportunity Program at our Peoria office. She serves as Prairie State’s Housing Law Task Force chairperson. It’s amazing to have such a talented attorney serving on the R3 team!

Meet Our Team: Patrisia Vekima, Staff Attorney

Say hello to Patrisia Vekima, who is a staff attorney for the Justice, Equity, and Opportunity Program at our Waukegan office. Her role includes increasing access to legal support for underserved populations. Her skills are a great addition to the team and Prairie State Legal Services.