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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of 21 members and is generally comprised of attorneys and eligible clients. Standing committees are: Audit, Client Grievance, Development, Executive, Finance, and Governance. The Board protects the public interest by making sure PSLS is operating in a manner consistent with its mission, and adopts or revises policies as needed. The Board advises management and sees that PSLS keeps expenditures within budgets and conforms with grant requirements. The Board selects the Executive Director and monitors his or her performance. Board members engage in public and community relations, fundraising, and provide expertise on specific topics.

Board Member

Office Represented

Title and Organization

Bar Association Appointed By (if appropriate)

Steven Greeley
McHenry Attorney –
Franks, Gerkin & McKenna, P.C.
McHenry County Bar Association
Frances M. Pitts
At Large Attorney –
PNC Bank
John K. Kim
Bloomington Attorney –
State Farm
McLean County
Bar Association
William Beckman At Large Attorney –
Caterpillar, Inc.
C. Garrett Bonsell Rock Island Attorney –
Deere & Company
Rock Island County
Bar Association
Adam M. Fleming Rockford Attorney –
Williams McCarthy LLP
Winnebago County
Bar Association
Deborah L. Goldberg Waukegan Attorney –
Goldberg & Kane
Lake County
Bar Association
Arthur J. Haynes Bloomington Community Representative
Maria Joan Wheaton Community Representative
Karlene V. Jones Peoria Community Representative
William Kohlhase Peoria Attorney –
Miller, Hall & Triggs
Peoria County
Bar Association
Julia A. Lansford Peoria Community Representative
John Alan Leja ISBA Appointee Attorney Illinois State
Bar Association
Kenneth A. Leshen Kankakee Attorney Kankakee County
Bar Association
Carol Sue Loughridge Peoria Community Representative
Joseph D. Lovelace St. Charles Attorney DeKalb County
Bar Association
Rolonda Mitchell Joliet Attorney –
Mitchell Legal Solutions
Will County Black
Bar Association
Leonard Sachs Peoria Attorney –
Howard & Howard
Peoria County
Bar Association
Chasmine Thornton Bloomington Community Representative
Vera Traver Bloomington Community Representative
Sonni Choi Williams Joliet Attorney –
City of Lockport
Will County Black
Bar Association
Legal Services Corporation
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United Way
United Way supports many important community agencies, including Prairie State Legal Services. We encourage you to support your local United Way.

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