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Disclaimer and Privacy Policy


Prairie State Legal Services has prepared the content of this website for informational purposes only. It is NOT legal advice. By posting material on this website, Prairie State does not intend to create an attorney-client relationship with anyone. We have not formed an attorney-client relationship with you simply because you have read this material. Readers should not act based upon any website material without speaking with one of our attorneys. Prairie State Legal Services expressly disclaims all liability with respect to actions taken or not taken based on any content of this website.

Privacy Policy

Prairie State Legal Services is dedicated to protecting the privacy of individuals using the Internet. However, when making any inquiries through this website, you should not transmit or send us confidential or privileged information about your legal problem before speaking with one of our attorneys. Communications via email through the website does NOT establish an attorney-client relationship or guarantee that such statements will remain confidential. While we attempt to maintain a secure e-mail server, we cannot, and thus do not, guarantee the security of any transmission you make through the Internet or through any link provided by this website. We do collect information on the pages people read on this site. We sum up this information to measure number of visits, average time spent on the site, pages viewed, etc. Please be assured however, that Prairie State uses this information only to improve the content of the site. We will not share such information with other organizations.

Visit this link to view the Prairie State Legal Services Donor Privacy Policy.

Visit this link to view the Prairie State Legal Services / DuPage HMIS Privacy Policy.

Links to Other Websites

This site contains links to other websites. Prairie State Legal Services does not guarantee the accuracy of information contained on any other website. Likewise, we do not guarantee the accuracy of information on any website that provides links to this website. Prairie State Legal Services disclaims any and all liability for the content of such other sites.

Legal Services Corporation
We encourage you to support LSC. LSC's support for this website is limited to those activities that are consistent with LSC restrictions.

United Way
United Way supports many important community agencies, including Prairie State Legal Services. We encourage you to support your local United Way.

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