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Donor Privacy Policy

Protecting the Confidentiality of Donor Information

The release of information about donors is an organizational decision by the Executive Director or his/her designees. Staff should treat donor information as confidential unless such information has been published in annual reports, 990s or other public documents. But for this exception, staff shall protect the confidentiality of donor information in the same manner and to the same extent as they protect client confidential information. Donor information shall not be retained by local offices except that Managing Attorneys may retain donor information that applies to active campaigns. Staff shall destroy donor information or forward that information to the Director of Community Support upon completion of the campaign, or on an annual basis. To the extent they are not being used by a local office, the local office shall destroy donor records in the same manner as confidential client records are destroyed.

Confidentiality Pledge for Volunteers Accessing Donor Information

Whenever a volunteer offers or agrees to assist PSLS with a fund-raising event or campaign, before such volunteer obtains access to any confidential donor information, the volunteer shall sign a Confidentiality Pledge. Staff shall send all signed Confidentiality Pledges to the Director of Community Support.

Prohibition on Sale or Exchange

PSLS does not sell or exchange donor information with any other organization, private, public or non-profit.

Donor Requests Not to be Contacted

Donors may request not to be contacted by PSLS in connection with any of its programs, updates or fundraising appeals. Staff shall advise the PSLS Director of Community Support of any such requests.

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